Sunday Church Service

Every Sunday at 11 o’clock we have Church Service. A time when different people of different ages gather to meet God. We serve one another with the gifts we have received.

Sunday School

As a Christian community our primary desire is to nurture, train and keep our children. Bollnäs Bible Center tries to provide helpful resources to stimulate our young people through the Sunday School programme. Just as the name suggests, most of our kids between four and twelve will meet on a Sunday to go through age-appropriate learning in a stimulating and interactive way.


A home group is a small gathering of church members. We meet for an hour, on tuesday evening 19 o’ clock at the church or in different homes.

We meet for the following purpose:
• To know each other intimately
• Commit to be accountable to each other
• Worship together
• Learn the Bible together
• Pray as a group
• To be witnesses of Christ, through mutual care (Jn 13:34) and the preaching of the gospel.
• Minister to each other’s needs
• Use their gifts for the benefit of the greater body.

The idea is to enable people to belong to a small community of believers and participate in meaningful fellowship, where there is an opportunity to build personal relationships that are mutually enriching. Cell groups create an environment of love, acceptance, and forgiveness which is healthy for one to grow as an active member of the Church.